About Me

My name is Victoria Lubarets. I am a modern wedding photographer from Ukraine.

I am passionate about natural light, cinematic heritage and storytelling through photography.

In my work I use art and documentary style to create authentic, organic and timeless images. My task is to convey the sincere emotions and personality of our couple, which makes skin photography unique.

I am very glad that you visit my site, and I will be happy to introduce you closer to my work. I do my job with great love, commitment and professionalism. In my photos, I strive to combine the purity of the frame and the emotionality of the moment. Naturalness, beauty, sincere joy, moments when we feel beautiful and loved, family near us, hugs of friends, laughter and tears of joy — most often we want to stop these moments of our life and remember them for a long time. I try to keep your memories with loving eyes.

I am destination wedding photographer and I love light, atmospheric frames, simple and emotional photos. So, I try to convey stories filled with tender feelings and emotions.

I would like my photos very much after many years to evoke pleasant memories and make you smile again and again.

If you want to discuss more detailed information, please contact here.

Thank you for your interest in my work!